NABL Calibration Laboratory by SANSEL




We are a leading service provider for calibration of various types of parameters in all industries and our lab is accredited by (NABL)National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration laboratories from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Temperature(Contact) Range from -80 deg C to 1500 deg c Type of Instruments Calibrated: Digital Thermometer Glass Thermometer Dry block Calibrators Thermocouple and RTD probes Thermistors Temperature Recorder Temperature Scanner/Data logger Temperature Indicator with sensor Temperature Gauge Temperature Transmitter Temperature bath,etc., Mapping and Validation for single or multi point Freezer incubator oven furnance Storage rooms clean rooms dryer cold rooms Environmental chambers Humidity Indicator/chamber, etc., Temperature(Non-Contact)Range from 0 deg c to 1500 deg c Type of Instruments Calibrated Non-Contact Pyrometers IR thermometer Black Body Source, ect., Humidity: Range from 5 to 60 deg c & 10 to 95% Type of Instruments Calibrated Humidity sensors/Transmitter Humidity/Temperature logger Analog hygrometer digital thermal hygrometer Thermo hygro graph Humidity chamber etc., Note: Price May vary based on quantity and instruments Request Callback

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