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NABL Calibration Laboratory by SANSEL

Mechanical Calibration Service



We are a leading service provider for calibration of various types of parameters in all industries and our lab is accredited by (NABL)national accreditation board for testing and calibration laboratories from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Very Low Pressure ± 25 mbar Type of Instruments Calibrated Manometer Low pressure Transducer/Transmitter Gauges Differential Pressure Indicator/Tranmitter Pressure Data Logger Pressure switch Low pressure Calibrators,etc., Absolute Pressure: 0.60 bar to 2 bar Type of Instruments Calibrated Barometers Aneroid barometer Absolute gauges Absolute pressure sensor/Tranmitter Absolute pressure indicator/ controller Logger and Calibrators etc Vacuum: -0.1 bar to -0.99 bar Type of Instruments Calibrated Vacuum Gauge Vacuum Tranduer/Transmitter Vacuum Indicator/Controller/Switch Vacuum Logger Calibrators etc., Pressure(Hydraulic and Pneumatic) 1 bar to 1000 bar and 0.1 bar to 35 bar Type of Instruments Calibrated Pressure Calibrators Pressure Transducer Pressure Transmitter Digital Pressure Gauges Pressure Controller Pnueumatic pressure gauges Hydraulic Pressure gauges Differential pressure indicators, etc., Mass/Weight 1 mg to 50 kg Type of Instruments Calibrated(Accuracy class: E2,F1,F2,M1,M2,ETC.,) Standard weight box Weights, etc., Weighing Scale and Balance 1mg to 300 Kg Micro balance Analytical balance Digital balance Weighing Scale Volume 1µl to 5l Type of Instruments Calibrated Pipette Burette Flask beaker All types of measuring cylinder Acoustic Pressure : Range 94 & 114 DB Type of instruments Calibrated sound level meter,etc., Contact RPM/Tachometer: 100 RPM to 10000 RPM Non - Contact RPM/Tachometer: 12 RPM to 99950 RPM Type of Instruments Calibarted Contact & Non contact type RPM Indicator Contact & Non contact type Tachometer Centrifugal, etc., Dimensional(Basic Instrument, Gauge, etc.,) Vernier Calipers External Micrometer Plunger Dail Gauge Lever Type Dail Bore Gauge Height Gauges Depth Micrometer Depth Gauges Thickness Gauges Snap Gauge Feeler gauge Internal Micrometer width Gauge Dial Caliper Gauge Micrometer Setting Plain Plug Gauge Pistol Caliper Thread Measuring Wires Measuring Pin

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